Autobots: The Remaining Warriors

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Hello and welcome to our humble corner of the universe. If you found this site through advertisement elsewhere, then I thank the advertiser in advance. You may have a few questions so here are the explanations:

What is this place?

This is Autobots: The Remaining Warriors! A role-playing website that allows you to live the life of an Autobot and participate in simulated events that even Optimus Prime had to go through.

Why is this here?

This website is for Transformers enthusiasts who just love the franchise so extensively that they must dwell in it to the next level! Here, you can experience the what could quite possibly be the average day for an Autobot and his/her fellow comrades.

Where do I sign up?

To the right under "Members Area" you will see a "Sign In or Register" hyperlink. Click "Register" and you'll be on your way to joining your fellow Autobot bretheren. But just remember: you may not be a pre-existing character. Why? Because we don't want fighting over who may be Optimus Prime and who has the right to be Bumblebee's mate. None of that here. We involve the pre-existing characters occasionally, but it is much more fun to develop your own original character and live life as them! Not confining yourself to Jazz's laid back, cool persona. When developing your character, let your imagination run free! The possibilities are endless!

What if I want to be a Decepticon?

Cons are welcome, too! Just not here. This is the Autobot portion of our universe and, as such, Decepticons are prohibited from entering (I'm talking to you Laserbeak!). A Decepticon website shall be added shortly. It is currently under construction. If you'd like more info on the Decepticon sister-site, please just message Crosshatch or post in the "Public Opinions" page. There is already a topic open concerning the Decepticon sister-site.

What if I'm just a fan of the Transformers and role-playing isn't really my passion?

Well, you can do one of two options: (1) just hit back and be on your merry way or (2) join in on the conversation about our favorite Transformers topics in the forums! We don't bite (but we may shoot lasers) so come post if you'd like. There is a designated topic for that as well. It is also under the "Public Opinions" page. 


Incoming transmission___

Optimus Prime___

Welcome fellow Autobot. I am Optimus Prime. I am glad to see that you have successfully recieved my outgoing transmission and have followed the given coordinates to this planet. This planet that you see before you is called Earth. The sentient beings that rule this planet are called humans. The humans are our allies and we must protect them at all costs from the Decepticons.

Since the destruction of our home, Cybertron, the Decepticon scum have been attacking this planet in a desperate search for a third energon source. I have been recruiting Autobots to aid in the protection of Earth and to fight alondside our human counterparts.

Although our existince is known to the humans, we strive to stay hidden from the public eye for their protection. You are welcome to stay on this planet and help us protect the humans by fighting the Decepticon scum, but if you are here only to relay a message or important information, find Crosshatch. She is the Autobot in command of this operation during my absence.

Transform and rollout!

Transmission ended___